Removal of papillomas at home

Self-removal of papilloma using drugs

Papilloma is mostly a benign neoplasm. Its morphological composition may not change throughout a person's life, but sometimes it can degenerate into a malignant tumor.

The appearance of papilloma growths is triggered by a virus. According to the latest data, it is found in the body of 90% of the entire population. This does not always lead to the development of papillomatosis. Basically, it wakes up in the event of a decline in the functions of the body's immune system.

Causes of papillomavirus development

Sexual transmission of human papillomavirus infection

Papillomavirus infection occurs through direct contact between a healthy and sick person. Basically this happens:

  • Due to casual sexual contacts in which a protective method of contraception (condom) was not used.
  • Infection can result from visits to public places (baths, solariums, swimming pools, saunas).
  • If there are wounds on the skin of the hands (even small ones), the risk of infection increases when you shake hands with a sick person.
  • Non-compliance with the basic standards of general and intimate hygiene, which are related to the individual use of towels, scissors and combs.
  • A newborn baby can become infected at birth by passing through the mother's birth canal.

Types of papillomas

Papilloma growth appears as a small neoplasm that protrudes slightly above the surface of the skin. Its diameter can reach 10 mm. The places where papillomas appear are the armpits, neck and chest, perineum and intimate organs.

Papilloma growths can manifest as:

  1. Common warts.The most common manifestation of papillomavirus. It usually has a diameter of no more than 5 mm, and its shape has a rounded outline. The color practically does not differ from the pigment of the body. Sometimes it can be slightly brown and have a rough surface.

    Common warts

    Most often placed:

    • In the hands.
    • The head may be hidden under the hair.
    • Skin folds.
    • In the groin area.
    • On neck.
  2. Acrochord.Or dependent papilloma. This variety can be distinguished from others by the fact that it is attached to the body with a thin stem, and its growth does not occur in width, but in length. This causes some discomfort to a person. Since, as it grows, it can easily be damaged by getting caught in clothing.

    Filiform papilloma

    Also, this type of growth is characterized by multiple growth. They are localized in several parts, mainly in the delicate skin of the neck, eyes and perineum.

  3. Adolescent papilloma.This type of papillomas can be considered the safest growth. In color they practically do not differ from the skin and are not noticeable. And more often they leave after puberty.

  4. Adolescent papilloma on the face
  5. Condylomas.There are two types, flat and pointed. When they appear, the patient should be careful. And take their show seriously. They tend to develop into malignant neoplasms. You can become infected with this type of warts through sexual contact.

    Condylomas acuminata

    They are often located on the mucous membrane of the external and internal genital organs, or around the rectal sphincter. Their appearance is often observed in the oral cavity.

    Another danger of these papilloma growths is their tendency to increase trauma. After which they become entry points for infection.

When can papillomas be removed at home?

There are mainly two reasons for removing papillomas:

  1. Medical.It is based on the ability of this type of neoplasia to transform into a malignant condition. To prevent this from happening, they use surgical treatment methods. Using a laser or cryodestruction, scalpel removal is used less often.
  2. Cosmetics.This reason causes aesthetic discomfort, especially in women.

In any case, the decision to remove papilloma growth should be agreed with a dermatologist. And, if he prescribes the removal, it is better to do it on an outpatient basis or in a hospital.

Since the independent removal of this pathological growth can lead to:

  • Causes unwanted burns of nearby tissues.
  • Development of bleeding.
  • Cicatricial changes in the skin.
  • If hygiene is insufficient, there is a high probability of wound infection.
  • If the manipulation is performed poorly, a relapse may occur.
Papilloma damage

There are also restrictions according to which the removal of papillomas and warts at home is considered impossible.

Papillomatous growth should not be touched or removed:

  • If it hypertrophies quickly and changes color to darker tones.
  • If it is located in the mouth or in the oropharynx, as well as in the area of the eyes or eyelids.
  • If the papilloma is damaged and bleeds or changes shape, removal at home can lead to complications.

Under no circumstances should you use scissors, a razor or a knife to remove the papilloma. In addition to the fact that these items are a source of infection, they will lead to the opposite effect. The papilloma will grow back, be prone to rapid progression and be multiple in nature.

When removing the papilloma at home, it is recommended to use medications that can be purchased at the pharmacy. Or turn to traditional medicine, which the doctor allows you to use.

You should not bandage the leg of the papilloma with thread, or cover the body of the growth with adhesive tape or tape. Since after using such recipes, an unaesthetic scar remains and there is a possibility of infection.

When the papilloma is located in intimate areas, the procedure for its elimination should be performed only by a doctor and only in a hospital setting.

Removal of papilloma

To carry out high-quality removal of papilloma growths and warts at home, you can use drugs sold in pharmacies. An alternative to this method is to use popular recipes.

  1. Use of medications based on alkaline compounds.Before performing such a procedure, it is necessary to treat the skin around the papilloma or wart. This can be done using a fatty cream that has a regenerating effect.

    After that, a small drop of the drug is applied to the center of the papilloma. This manipulation can be repeated if the papilloma does not disappear after three days.

  2. Positive dynamics in the treatment of papilloma can be achievedusing cryodestruction. To do this, it is not necessary to visit expensive clinics, it is enough to buy medicines with a freezing effect.

    These medications, once placed on the surface of the growth, freeze it. This leads to disruption of the blood supply to the papilloma, as a result of which it dies and disappears.

  3. Poison-based cauterizing drugs.They are very effective against hanging papillomas. They give good results, after their use the reappearance of pathological growth is very rarely observed. Medicines containing phenol are used for this purpose. It is a powerful poison. In order not to damage the adjacent skin, the drug is applied cyclically. After the first application of the drug, at least 15 minutes must pass, after which the next layer is applied.

    The main thing in the use of these drugs is to determine the correct dose (determine how many layers should be applied), such a decision should be made only by a doctor.

  4. Solvent of organic origin.This group of pharmacological drugs includes:

    • a preparation based on salicylic and lactic acids.
    • product based on podophyllotoxin.

    When using a drug containing acids, a single use of one drop of the drug is sufficient. But if there is a need for repeated use, this manipulation can be repeated no earlier than two days later.

    The use of a medicine with podophyllotoxin sometimes causes some difficulties due to the fact that it must be used twice a day, following a clear schedule of application every 12 hours. The therapy lasts three days.

  5. Papilloma spots.Patch for home treatment of papillomasIts chemical composition contains substances that promote the rejection of papillomas or warts. To do this, it is attached directly to the papilloma and is not removed for a week. The growth of the papilloma is rejected when the patch is removed. Sometimes it is not possible to remove the papilloma the first time, then the procedure must be repeated again.

  6. Healing pencil.The main ingredient of this medicine is silver nitrate. It has a good bactericidal and cauterizing effect. After the pencil is moistened with water, it is used to treat the stem and surface of the papilloma. During the day, this manipulation can be performed two or three times.

Treatment with folk remedies

To cure this pathology, you can use medicinal herbs, some types of household chemicals and vegetables.

  1. Celandine herb, in common people it is called mushroom. With its help, you can get rid of papillomas and warts that are located on the human body, except for the impossibility of using it on the face and intimate organs.

    Celandine that eliminates papillomas at home

    Before use, celandine grass together with the rhizome is ground in a meat grinder. The resulting substance is wrapped in gauze and squeezed. The liquid is poured into a glass container and the same amount of alcohol or 40-proof vodka is added. The juice must be fermented and only then is it ready for use.

    The resulting tincture is applied to the papilloma or wart for 3 weeks; more than 6 growths cannot be handled at the same time.

    It is very important to collect celandine during the period of its rapid flowering, which is May and June. It is during this period that the greatest concentration of active substances occurs in its composition.

  2. Laundry soap.To get rid of papillomas and warts, laundry soap labeled 65% is best. The treatment procedure is carried out before going to bed. To do this, apply a laundry soap paste diluted with water to the wart area. In the morning, the dried laundry soap is removed using hot water. Such manipulation is allowed for 4 days. If the positive effect is incomplete or missing, the procedure can be repeated after 2 weeks. Tar soap based on birch tar has the same effect.

  3. The use of garlic.Ointment based on garlic will help remove papillomasGarlic has a strong bactericidal effect and can be used to eliminate papillomas. To do this, you need to pass a few cloves of garlic through a blender or meat grinder, mix with olive oil or liquid honey. Mix well and apply to the papilloma area for 15 minutes. The remaining mixture is washed under running water. Manipulation is carried out no more than twice a day for 7 days.

  4. Vinegar and onion.This combination of products should not be used if papilloma growths are localized on the face, oral mucosa or genitals. Due to the fact that acetic acid can cause irritation and burning of nearby tissues.

    To prepare the medicinal composition, you need to pour vinegar over a medium onion and leave for 3 hours. Then cut the onion in half and fix it with a bandage on the body in the area where the papilloma is located. This procedure is performed before going to bed, and in the morning the bandage is removed and washed with cold water.

  5. Freshly squeezed potato juice.Potato juice will remove papillomas in intimate placesThis method of treatment can be used in the treatment of papillomas located in the genitals, perineum and rectum. To do this, you can grind the potato fruits with a fine grater or use a meat grinder. The resulting pulp is squeezed and the surface of the papilloma is treated twice a day.

  6. Horse chestnut.Horse chestnut fruits - a popular remedy for papillomasA good effect can be achieved by using it as an addition during the bath. To do this, you need to take about half a bucket of chestnuts and steam them with boiling water for 12 hours. After splitting the chestnuts, add water to the bath.

    This procedure can be performed every day for a week.

  7. Kalanchoe.Kalanchoe leaves are used as a compress for papillomasThe leaves of this plant should be used before going to bed. To do this, fix them in the papilloma area using a bandage or adhesive plaster. To increase the effect, the affected surface can be wrapped with cellophane.

  8. Banana skin.It can be used by rubbing on the surface of the papilloma. Pre-cauterize it with an alcoholic solution of iodine.

  9. Egg whiteit should be applied to the surface of the papilloma, after drying the procedure is repeated again.

  10. walnut(young fruits), passed through a meat grinder or blender, diluted in half with kerosene. After which it is placed for 20 days. For the treatment of papillomas, it is applied daily on their surface. It can be used no more than 3 weeks.

Papillomas and pregnancy

Doctors do not recommend removing papillomas for pregnant women

Most scientific studies have concluded that the HPV virus poses no threat to the expectant mother and her baby.

Removal of papillomas is best done after birth. Since the use of any type of pharmaceutical product can lead to the development of unwanted side effects in both the mother and the fetus.

During this period, home therapy is prohibited.

Only in extreme cases, when papillomas pose a real threat (development into a malignant tumor), electrocoagulation, laser therapy or cryodestruction can be used.

Activities after removal of papillomas

If, after using these techniques, a papilloma or wart is rejected,The following recommendations should be followed:

  • When visiting a shower or bath, areas of the body with papillomas should not be subjected to mechanical stress (beat with a broom, rub with a washcloth).
  • If the growth is not completely removed, do not try to remove it using scissors or other improvised tools.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Treat the wound with antiseptics, keep it clean, use sterile dressings with cotton gauze.

It is important to remember that papillomas are only a consequence of human papillomavirus infection. They are its symptoms and therefore there is a high possibility that they will appear again.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to resort to drug treatment for this pathology.